Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree with leaves that contain psychoactive properties.  Kratom has only recently entered the Western markets and caused a long-standing debate whether it’s beneficial or not. But let’s start with the basics.

What Is Kratom?

The main components of kratom are 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine, potent alkaloids that show their effect by binding with opioid receptors in the brain. People in Southeast Asia, where kratom is a native plant, have been using the leaves for centuries as medical aid to relieve bone and muscle pain, heal wounds, increase sexual desire, and boost energy. Kratom grows mostly in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and parts of the Pacific RIM.

The tree grows quite tall and might reach a height of up to 13 meters. Natives have picked kratom leaves, dry them, and then crush them. Some of them were chewing kratom leaves, while others were preparing tea. More recently, kratom has taken other forms: powder and pills, offering a more convenient and widespread use.

What Types of Kratom Strains Are There?

There are three primary kratom strains: green vein, white vein, and red vein kratom. The names of the different strain types come from the colors of the leaf’s vein. The color depends on the lifecycle the kratom leaf goes through and indicates different alkaloid concentrations; therefore, all types of kratom will have different effects.

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is the most popular kratom type on the market. Best know for its calming effects, red vein kratom is considered to be the best choice for beginners. People struggling with insomnia might benefit from using this type of kratom. Additionally, it has mild effects on relieving aches and pains.

White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is best for improving focus and concentration. It gives a sense of motivation and energy. It also removes the gloomy sensations and brings about more positive well-being. The white vein kratom is associated with the more uplifting and energizing experience.

Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom stands between the red and white kratom strains on the spectrum and provides more subtle effects. It can serve as a mild energy booster so it’s often used when you want to brighten your day. Additionally, the green vein kratom will make you more focused and alert.

What Are the Best Kratom Strains to Mix?

More experienced kratom consumers can try to mix different strains and create a personalized blend for specific needs.

Red and White Vein Kratom Blend

By combining red and white vein kratom you can get the best of both worlds. You’ll feel relaxed yet energized. The effects will be similar to the ones of green vein kratom but more powerful.

Red and Green Vein Kratom Blend

If red vein kratom makes you too relaxed to the point where you feel sleepy, you can add a bit of green vein kratom. The green will balance the heavy effects of the red kratom so this blend will give you a pleasant sense of relaxation without the drowsiness typically associated with analgesics.

White and Green Vein Kratom Blend

White kratom might make you feel too energized so adding a bit of green vein kratom might be just what you need. The green kratom will perfectly balance the white kratom properties so you won’t feel overly energized.

What Are the Regional Kratom Varieties?

Beyond the standard kratom types, there are regional varieties like Maeng Da and Bali kratom. The strains here differ in origin and they also fit into the color categories of kratom strains. Regional kratom variations affect the kratom experience, and the effects they will have also depend on the vein color.

Bali Kratom

As the name suggests, Bali kratom comes from kratom trees that grow in Bali rainforests. The Bali strain is known as a mild energy booster which is often typical of white vein kratom. Other properties match the usual red vein kratom characteristics. For red vein kratom lovers, the Red Bali kratom powder is the most popular choice.

Borneo Kratom

Borneo kratom comes from Borneo, the tropical island in the Malay Archipelago. The strain is abundant with alkaloids that have an energizing effect. It’s often the first choice of kratom users that want to consume kratom in the morning.

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da kratom originates from Thailand and it’s considered to be the strongest kratom on the market. The strain is available in all three colors. Depending on your needs, you can choose White Maeng Da capsules or Green Maeng Da powder or capsules. Red vein kratom lovers might opt for red Maeng Da products.

Malay Kratom

Coming from Malaysia, the Malay kratom is synonymous with the green vein kratom but combines the effects of white and red kratom veins. If you want the best of both red and white kratom vein effects, opting for green Malay powder or capsules is the way to go.


The Sumatra kratom originates from the island of Sumatra but now grows throughout Indonesia. Available in all kratom vein colors, Sumatra offers very pronounced effects and it’s considered to be one of the most potent kratom types.

Which Kratom Is Best for Anxiety?

Green Malay kratom is considered to be the best choice for relieving anxiety symptoms. This kratom type has a mood and energy-boosting properties and is known for its therapeutic and relaxing effects.

Which Is the Best Kratom for Pain Relief?

Red Maeng Da kratom is rich in alkaloids and flavonoids and is the most popular choice for pain relief. It acts as a strong painkiller which not only reduces the pain but it also improves your wellness.

Which Kratom Is Best for Energy?

Green Maeng Da kratom helps with concentration and motivation, diminishing the feelings of tiredness. It positively complements the mental and physical energy. Because of these properties, it’s the top choice for business people that need extra stamina.

How to Take Kratom

There are a few simple options to take kratom and here we’re presenting you with the best ones.

Toss and Wash

Arguably the most popular way to use kratom is to toss and wash. Put the kratom powder in your mouth and wash it with water. You will feel the effects almost immediately. However, when taking kratom this way, you’ll feel its strong flavor. So, if the taste isn’t acceptable for you, keep reading to find better options.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are a convenient way to take kratom. Kratom pills contain a high concentration of alkaloids so you will have the full power of the kratom. Typically, you will need 1-3 pills. Just take them with a glass of water and you’ll be good to go. A potential downside of taking kratom pills is the delayed effect. It might take up to 45 minutes for the capsule to kick in.

Kratom Tea

Preparing kratom tea doesn’t differ much from preparing a regular tea. Just boil the kratom powder with water for 20-30 minutes. Let it sit for a while before straining the liquid. Kratom tea will have weaker effects because the hot water will weaken the alkaloids. If you want to prepare a more potent drink, consider a cold brew. There are a few ingredients you can add to your kratom tea in order to improve its taste. Try it with honey, agave syrup, molasses, almond milk, sugar, or lemon juice.

Kratom Extract

Kratom extract is the most concentrated form of alkaloids. It can be distilled from kratom leaves or powder. It isn’t too common a form in which kratom is sold but you can prepare kratom extract at home. Besides kratom powder or leaves, you will need water or ethanol or ethyl alcohol, and citric acid (you can go with lemon juice). First, you need to add water or alcohol to the kratom powder or leaves in a 1:4 ratio. Add citric acid until the pH strip shows 4. Mix everything and put it in a jar to sit for about a week. Then, strain the liquid and leave it to evaporate. Finally, put the tincture into bottles and start using the extract.

Kratom Smoothie

Adding kratom powder to your smoothie is another popular option. Just add the amount of powder you want to take into your smoothie or protein shake and you’ll be set for a great day.

How Often Can I Take Kratom?

The answer to this question would largely depend on your individual needs. Generally speaking, a study with a large base of kratom users showed that people who were taking small to moderate doses of approximately 5 grams in the frequency of up to three times a day saw the best results. You can start with a small dose and then modify it until you get the desired results.

How Long Do Kratom Effects Last?

Kratom effects depend on the dosage. If you take a microdose, you’ll experience subtle effects but if you consume kratom in high doses, you might expect a stronger experience. Similarly, the dosage will determine how long the kratom effects will last. With small to moderate doses, you can expect kratom effects to last for about 2-3 hours, whereas higher doses might prolong kratom effects to 5-6 hours.

How Long Does Kratom Last In Your System?

Even after the effects pass, kratom is still in the system. This might worry you if you’re testing for drugs. The good news is, kratom won’t show up on standard drug tests. This is because the alkaloids found in kratom aren’t the same as in other, standard drugs and opiates. Urine tests, on the other hand, can detect kratom for 7-9 days after use. Blood tests can detect kratom for 2-3 days after consuming it.

What Is the Legal Status of Kratom?

The use and sale of kratom are legal in the US but not in all 50 states. DEA identified kratom as a substance of concern from 2015 and ever since, a few states including Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Vermont, Alabama, Arkansas, and Indiana have banned kratom for selling, buying, and using.

The use of kratom is also illegal in numerous EU states like Denmark, Sweden, and Belarus, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Malaysia and Vietnam have also banned kratom. Currently, Thailand has banned the recreational use of kratom but since 2018, it’s illegal to use it for medical purposes.

How to Grow Kratom?

Even in the states and countries that ban the usage of kratom, it’s allowed to grow the plant for aesthetic reasons. So if you want to have kratom in your home, you can.

First of all, you need to obtain kratom seed. It’s best if you source the seed yourself directly from Southeast Asia. An alternative is to find a vendor. In either case, make sure the seed is fresh because otherwise, it would lose the tree producing potential. Usually, the kratom seed is considered fresh for up to three days of harvesting.

Next, you need to provide the perfect conditions for the tree to grow. Kratom thrives in solid with a high concentration of humus and 5.5-6.5 pH levels. Furthermore, you’ll need to keep the plant in a room with controlled temperature and light. You should avoid growing the tree outdoors.

How to Store Kratom?

Choose a dark, cool place that is away from humidity and oxygen. The best option for storing kratom long-term without losing its potency is to divide it into smaller portions and then store them in sealed bags. The bags should be stored in a box away from direct sunlight, humidity, and oxygen. Some kratom users say it’s a good idea to store the box in the freezer. However, it’s not determined that this is a more effective option than the other.


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